Key facts
  • Event Science For A Better Life Symposium
  • Timeline November 2013
  • Persons 350 invited Guests
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Illuminating perspectives for scientists

Football and science are like oil and water is what you'd probably say. They just don't mix. The aim of the game is to get the round thing into the box. No rocket science there, is there? Sport science has already made its way into football in a major way and tactics are not what they used to be. False 9, box-to-box midfielder, pressing – modern football is virtually a science of its own.

So football and science are in fact very compatible and the BayArena was the ideal location for a fusion of the two worlds. Approximately 380 scientists from 14 countries at the 'Science for a Better Life' symposium were able to see this for themselves. The symposium took place in the BayArena as part of the celebrations on the occasion of the 150th jubilee of the Bayer AG.

The focus of the scientific conference was to strengthen and expand the partnerships and networks between Bayer and universities and research institutes. What location could be more fitting for such a networking event than our very own BayArena. The multi-functional stadium provided the perfect platform for the evening dinner. From the lighting to the table settings, the exciting event modules, the delectable event cuisine with highlights such as a Currywurst station and an inviting cocktail lounge. The BayArena as an oasis of enjoyment.

But what did the football legend Adi Preißler once say so fittingly about: 'What matters is on the pitch'. In that vein the symposium participants were able to enjoy their very own stadium experience. They were led along the illuminated Mixed-Zone through the player tunnel to the edge of the pitch for a sparkling wine reception. An impressive light installation awaited them which illuminated the interior in spectacular fashion. In this way the scientific conference in the BayArena became an altogether illuminating experience.

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