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Is it always necessary to organize trade shows in big sterile exhibitions halls? Why not benefit from the very special and emotional atmosphere of BayArena, making use of the undivided attention of the target group envisaged?

Different customers from the most diverse sectors have already used our premises for their in-house exhibitions. Their clients, employees or reseller were thrilled to see their products in the home ground of our team.

The flexible floor plan of our business zones offers an ideal set-up for your in-house exhibition. You may use the entire floor space of 2.500m² or combine your exhibition with specialist lectures and presentations in small or big rooms alike. It is just one location, but endowed with countless possibilities to organize your event according to the taste and the preferences of your visitors.

We will interact with you - just like in a free flowing passing game - to plan and design your exhibition according to your wishes. Indeed, as we all know, each and every client is unique and this holds true also for his in-house exhibition. Therefore we are happy to advise you in order to find the perfect floor plan for your event. Features like digital advertising boards or big display panels are not only used on match days but can also be installed to present your slogan or commercial message in a visually even more appealing manner. In case of an unexpected need for more space or if constructions turn out to be bigger, you may always revert to big outdoor areas (i.e. the Piazza). If there was additional need for a room to organize a come together of exhibitors and speakers we can offer you other attractive facilities in the East or South of BayArena, ideally equipped for any need.

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